levonorgestrel: possible effects of long term usage

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levonorgestrel: possible effects of long term usage

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Der Text ist in englisch, sorry, fällt mir leichter und konnte ich auch besser verwenden bei diversen anderen Diskussionen......
Habe jetzt die meisten Sachen in Zusammenhang miteinander gebracht und konnte zu meiner Erleichterung nun auch endlich erklären, warum Kalium hilft.

Effects of Levonorgestrel (synthetic form of progesterone: main ingredient of Mirena IUD) in relation to Insulin, Potassium, Magnesium and its consequence in long term use

1) Naural Progesterone causes concentration dependant inhibition of glucose stimulated Insulin release.
2) Levonorgestrel does not function as Natural Progesterone AND causes decreased production of Nat. Prog.
3) Mirena: initial surge of Synthetic Prog mimmicks Nat. Prog., could cause initial loss of weight
4) Subsequent ongoing usage causes the opposite, too much Insulin, weight gain: because of body decreasing Nat. Prog production( low prog=high insulin)
5) Constant use causes continually high Insulin causing Insulin Resistance.
The less Prog, the more Insulin release.
6) Low Prog. results in excess Oestrogen relative to Prog., triggering even more Insulin release
7) Pancreas starts suffering: Insulin overproduction
Excessive Insulin causes low Potassium : because Insulin promotes Pot. to enter skelettal muscle cells.
9) Leads to: Insulin Resistance: cells don't store Magnesium, lost through urine
Hence less Potassium because Pot. uptake requires Magnesium.
10) Magnesium lack causes blood vessels to constrict: bloodflow decreases: destructive ability of liver enzymes decreases.
11) Insulin causes Sodium retention, leading to even less Potassium.

A decrease in cellular Potassium would (under normal circumstances) cause less Insulin release.
Hence the body initiates more Potassium loss to decrease Insulin release (because the higher the Potassium level, the higher the Insuline release level, but the Insulin levels surge high in spite of Pot. loss because Nat. Prog. is absent/low)

What's essential after stopping Levonorgestrel to normalize levels:

Magnesium&Potassium supplement to kickstart decrease in Insulin release:
To aid pancreas and liver & strict nutritional change in carbohydrates because carb metabolism has altered (proven on Levenorgestrel: elevated Insulin levels).
Increased Potassium would have triggered Insuline release under normal circumstances, but the body is caught in a vicious circle between Synth. Prog imitant, too little or no Nat. Progesterone and a depletion of Potassium and Magnesium, which the body can not fully realise as its natural reaction is to decrease Potassium to lower Insulin: but Potassium has already run dry without taking effect on Insulin on account of Levenorgestrel mimmicking Nat. Progesterone. Levonorgestrel does evidently not perform the function of Natural Progesterone: to decrease and monitor Insulin release, therefore concurrently depletes body of Natural Progesterone and causes Potassium and Magnesium deficiency.
Intracellular Serum levels of Potassium are best tested in form of a hair analysis rather than a blood analysis, as the blood levels are easily influenced by nutrition at the time of taking the blood.

What does Insulin do?
Amongst other functions, Insulin decreases anabolic processes, Glycagon(promotes burning of fat and sugar) and HGrowth hormones (muscle/mass development: decrease leads to premature ageing) are suppressed.
PROGESTERONE DECREASE causes Magnesium and Potassium depletion, decrease in anabolic release, insulin resistance/metabolic imbalance and oestrogen dominance.

Insulin Resistance side effects:
Brain fogginess, poor memory
Low blood sugar
Intestinal bloating
Increased weight/fat storage
Increased blood pressure
Food cravings

Role of Levonorgestrel: Prevents ovulation by mimmicking pregnancy.
No or irregular ovulation leads to a decrease in Natural Progesterone.
Low Nat. Progesterone leads to relative Oestrogen Dominance

Symptoms/effects of Oestrogen Dominance:
Failed ovulation
Follicle burnout
Fat cells produce / store oestrogen: weight gain
Sodium/Potassium ratio unbalanced: water retention and bloating
Loss of Magnesium which is essential for Potassium uptake
High blood pressure because of high Insulin level, no Magnesium
Reduction of Oxygen amount in cells
Interference with Thyroid hormnes (ie.Insulin, etc )means: low metabolic rate, low energy, cold intolerance, weight gain
Promotes Histamine release: allergies etc
Promotes blood clotting: stroke, embolism
Copper retention, Zinc loss: exaggerated stress reactions, mood swings,depression, overactive immune system
(Calcium antagonism: therefore Calcium supplementation not advisable/nor use of Copper IUD)
Fibrocystic breasts, uterine fibroids, etc

Role of Potassium in Steriogenic shift:
1) Decreased intracellular potassium enhances progesterone production by dying granulosa cells.
2) No/low Nat. Progesterone leads to additional decrease of intracellular Potassium in the bodies attempt to increase Nat. Prog production.
3) Loss of intracellular Pot. facilitates FSH stimulated Prog. production.
4) Pot. levels affect Gonadotropin signalling pathway: direct causal relationship to Prog. production

If Potassium deficiency exists, which it must, regulatory function of Pot. in Prog. production is impaired causing further loss of Pot.
Potassium therefore needs to be supplemented to restore intracellular levels so that signalling pathways for Prog. production can be repaired.
prog. retains pot....... no prog. : no pot.
Levenorgestrel malfunctions on intracellular signalling level, otherwise Potassium depletion could not take place.
Pot. depletion causes cell death: premature ageing

Additional stress causes:
1) Nat. Progesterone turned into Aldosterone.
2) Excessively high Aldosterone levels, low Nat. Progesterone: causes excessive loss of urnary Potassium.
3) High Oestrogen levels: elevated Copper levels/Copper Toxicity
4) Already stressed system completely going out of balance in Salt/Potassium ratio

The amount of Aldosterone secreted normally is a direct function of the Serum Potassium. Potassium induces Aldosterone/Cortisol biosyntesis. Potassium should be strongly regulated at all Sodium intakes by Aldosterone when supply of Potassium is adequate. The supply of Potassium when supplementing Levonorgestrel can not be adequate leading to: high Aldosterone, Cortisol, Potassium/Magnesium depletion. Testosterone production may increase as a result, leading to excessive facial/bodily hair growth, head hair loss: masculinalisation.

Diet today is high in Sodium, low in Potassium and Magnesium (highly processed foods, growth soil mineral depletion) and supplemented with Xeno-Oestrogens: Nutritional uptake can not possibly rebalance Pot/Magn deiciencies nor lower Insulin levels. Only a strict protein, complex carbohydrate diet could assist.

Symptoms of Potassium deficiency:
Muscular weakness/pain/cramps
Blood pressure elevation
Heart palpitations, arrythmia
Decreased liver and kidney function
Oestrogen build up
Progesterone decrease
Depression, panic attacks

Levonorgestrel supplementation can lead to all of the side effects (being symptoms of the final conditions stipulated here) above interrelatedly. The long term consequence of usage and following malfunctions and deficiencies are as follows:
Liver disease, tumours
Blood-clotting disorder
High cholesterol
Hormone related cancer (eg. breast)

The symptoms most women exhibit and experience on Levonorgestrel are warning signs of the above mentioned conditions.
Because the cause and effect pathway of the conditions varies in time length and intensity of onset, initial physical constituency of women when starting on Levonorgestrel should be taken into account. The better the physical condition, the longer it might take for initial onset of symptoms, but the symptoms will arise and the conditions will follow.
Most doctors do not seem to be aware of the causal symptoms arising from the longterm use of Levonorgestrel and are therefore incapable of a diagnosis.
Because the symptoms vary greatly, depending on the gravity of the effects of levenorgestrel and their severity in onset, they appear to be non-related and difficult to track.
Levonorgestrel is marketed as safe, especially cost-effective, and good for long-term usage (5 year iud)device. What constitutes the danger is the long term supplementation of levonorgestrel, not necessarily the short-term usage, hence a five year period pescription is irresponsible, to say the least. The manifestation of symptoms and disease is longterm and as varied as the women using it are. Obviously not all symptoms and consequences have been followed in the cause-effect pathway in this text, but the featured ones sum the main complaints of the women seeking help in Mirena forums up.

I hope the above has shown, that all different symptoms arising under Levonorgestrel usage as 5 year IUD do all have a singular cause, should be identifiable by a doctor and have different times of onset and severity depending on the individual's physical constitution, the nutritional habits as well as the amount of exercise of the woman does at the onset and during the taking of Levonorgestrel . Please do not let doctors tell you that your problems stand in no relation to the IUD. Rather tell your doctor to do their homework

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Hallo Annkiste,

ich wollte dich mal fragen woher du den Text her hast und wer diesen verfasst hat????

lg marla

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Ich denke, dass der Text des Autors :)

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I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?
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Re: levonorgestrel: possible effects of long term usage

Beitragvon Lunabelle » 18.11.2009, 19:54

Auch in diesem Post wird möglicherweise ein Zusammenhang von "Parmakologischen Wirkstoffen" auf das Ovar in den Raum gestellt:


...vor allem die letzten Sätze.("Kaliumkanal/Granulosazellen")

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Re: levonorgestrel: possible effects of long term usage

Beitragvon bee4ilph » 30.04.2014, 11:36

So glad I found your text on this site. It possibly explains why I am totally "fucked up" (pardon the language). I've had the coil since Sep 2013 and my health has deteriorated to such a point that I had to give up my job as a lorry driver and I am now getting to the point where I cannot cope with office work anymore either.

I have been hypo-thyroid since my early twenties (now 48) and I have had Addisons Disease (Nebennierenrindenversagen) for the last 12 years. I am on thyroxine, cortisol, fludrocortisone and DHEA. None of these drugs seem to work the way they used to anymore but my GP and my gynaecologist told me repeatedly it couldn't possibly be anything to do with Mirena as the amount of hormone released into the uterus is tiny.

I now have severely high blood pressure, all sorts of glucose related issues, migraenes, anxiety, depression - and after 7 months I am still bleeding / spotting for 3 weeks out of 4 anyway (had it fitted to deal with severely heavy periods). The thing is coming out on 14 May and I am seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow to figure out how to get myself back to a point where I can cope with a normal life on a daily basis.

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